Can FinTech data be breached?

Put your organization to test with our complimentary ransomware assessment, performed by our Chief Security Officer.

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Ransomware Readiness Assessment

Determine if your organization is vulnerable to zero-day attacks, ransomware campaigns, or other exploits. For a limited time, we are offering* a complimentary ransomware readiness assessment review to organizations uncertain about their cybersecurity risks. Performed and hosted by Chief Security Officer, Adam Mansour, the Assessment process diagnoses exposures in your environment using advanced cloud & web application security tools and detection procedures. We’ll review our findings with you, and provide recommendations to quickly remediate any risks.

The ransomware assessment captures Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) that indicate a breach, or vulnerabilities that can lead to one. The assessment is;

  • Quick: Takes less than 4 hours to see your results
  • Easy: No interruption to your infrastructure
  • No Cost or Commitment: though you’ll see great value in the exercise, and what ActZero can offer
  • Dark Web Monitoring: We can inform you of lost and stolen passwords, data or targeted campaigns headed your way.
  • Accounts Compromised: Identify breaches, including those of third parties, and compromised corporate accounts that leaked passwords or corporate IDs
  • Passwords in Clear-Text: Discover organizational and user passwords exposed in
    clear-text, and how they can be immediately used by attackers to gain access to systems and data
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FinTech Cybersecurity Resources

Cybersecurity is complex, evolving, and an absolute necessity for every enterprise - regardless of size or industry. Here are some resources that can simplify, educate, and keep you on top of this rapidly changing technology.

The Effects of New Cyber Regulations on Small Banks and FinTech Companies

The ebook will assist you in assessing challenges faced by FinTech/FinServe organizations.


Lessons learned from Financial breaches

This blog will go over three incidents, the lessons learned, and how Managed Detection & Response (MDR) can optimize your financial institution's defense capabilities.

Ransomware Readiness Results Comparison

Check out our data sheet for a detailed look into the block rate and dwell time comparison and how your security solutions score against ransomware threats.

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We'd be happy to show you how we perform these activities to help harden your systems against cyber attacks and achieve exceptional security outcomes. Join us on our mission to stop cyber threats and protect the world.

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Meet our Chief Security Officer

Adam Mansour

A thought-leader in cyber technology, Adam Mansour has over 15 years’ experience spanning endpoint, network and cloud systems security; audits and architecture; building and managing SOCs; and software development. He is the creator of the IntelliGO Managed Detection and Response platform, acquired by ActZero.